onsdag, juli 09, 2008


Säg till om jag stör,

sa han när han steg in,

så går jag med detsamma.

Du inte bara stör, svarade jag,

du rubbar hela min existens.


Eeva Kiilpi

3 kommentarer:

Leo C.K. sa...

Ye ye.. the picture is nice, beautifull.. sååå pen og bla bla bla.. but I came here to invite you for my wedding. It's 'cose I don't have your e mail adress.. sorry. Oh.. yeah.. I don't no how does it appears for you so.. this is me: Leo. From Hald.. Brasil. Remember? Helloooooo! Long time no see!! Know there I miss you a lot! But.. yeah, it would be veeeery nice to have you with us for this moment. I write more for you in proper place. My adress: thundercatss@hotmail.com
Vi snakkes!! Gud velsigne deg!!

Anonym sa...

Congratulations Leo!

That was a very nice poem, Aina!

Looking forward to see you in Oslo next weekend:)

Marte sa...

JEg savner både deg og en oppdatering!

Stor klem:))